Partnership to Success Accelerator now includes 30 days of intense traffic including buyer traffic, autoresponder sequence traffic, a signature in all broadcast emails, and 10 DIRECT broadcast email promotions to over 200,000 subscribers.


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To find out more about the Accelerator Program simply watch the webinar recording above.

Yes John, I Want to Become a Partnership to Success Accelerator Member and Start Getting Results as Soon as Today

Yes. I understand that I will receive 10 platinum level 'good to go' membership sites completely set up for me that are ready to generate subscribers and take orders.

Yes. I also understand you will provide me with 100 ready made emails that can be plugged into my autoresponder that I can use to cross promote my websites and other offers.

Yes. I am thrilled that you will drive intense daily traffic to all of your new buyers for at least 30 days to every single one of my 10 websites, this will result in a bunch of subscribers and sales and it will take no work on my behalf.

Yes. I also understand you will add a signature promoting my sites to the bottom of EVERY SINGLE broadcast email for the next 30 days.

Yes. And I understand I will receive even more traffic from the autoresponder sequence emails that you will send for the next 30 days.

Yes. I can't wait for you to send 10 direct broadcast emails to one of my sites to every single one of your subscribers to ensure I get the best possible start.

Yes. I know this is the perfect way to 'get something going' while I work my way through the Partnership to Success program and it will give me the perfect kick start I need.

Yes. I accept the investment of a one time payment of only $997 as I realise this is an absolute no brainer offer to receive the 10 done for you websites plus email promotions for the next 30 days.

Yes. I'm going to get started right now by clicking the order button below to secure my slot before all spots are claimed as I understand this is strictly first come first served.

This Offer is Now Closed

Strictly No Refunds.

Due to the nature of this offer refunds cannot be provided, after all we can't ask you to send us the traffic back, so please make sure you understand this before making your investment.

Here's a Recap if You Need a Reminder

Introducing The 'Accelerator' System
EXCLUSIVELY Available to P2S Members

This package is NOT available to the general public as it's been Designed Specifically for P2S Members to accelerate building a LIST of Subscribers, plus making AFFILIATE commissions while they do so! We are talking about getting results within hours.

Here's what you get...

10 'Done For You' Membership Websites

We start by setting you up with a License to NOT ONE - BUT TEN Memberships sites, that you can give Free or Paid access to, in order to gain subscribers to YOUR lists.

Those sites INCLUDE upsells that YOU get the Upgrade commissions for, and include a high ticket upsell you are paid a % of.

The TEN SITES ALSO include the opportunity to ADD Your Platform ID's to - so all Ads inside the site can make you more commissions!

You can also add your own ads, log out page redirects and more...

BUT HERE IS Where it gets Exclusive!!!

You see, this package of 10 membership sites sells for upwards of $1997 and as much as $4997

(You can go direct and buy a license for $1997, then drive your own traffic etc, but that defeats the object of 'Doing It FOR YOU' and takes you away from the main weekly course!)

EXCLUSIVELY for p2s members, You WONT have to pay the 5K!

AND - You WON'T have to Drive All the Traffic YOURSELF!

Let's Take a Look at The Sites

Just Look at The Results Randy Smith Has Got From His Websites
By Using The Same Promotion Methods I am Going to Use For You

1582 Subscribers and $8254 direct commissions!

So as you can see. This solution saves our members from buying products & done for you solutions that may not deliver, as I guarantee to send you subscribers and sales.

But Just as Importantly. This in house solution means YOU can focus on following the training, KNOWING that your list is being built and you CAN still complete your weekly training while at the same time send an email to your growing list of offers to make commissions, as well as collecting the upgrades from your licensed site!

You will be building a list and generating sales while going through the Partnership to Success program.

So now our answer to that same question would be:
"John, What can I do to start building my list and generating an income while I'm working through The Partnership to Success Program?"

"Let me build your list and make you sales! While you focus on following the course and launching your own products."

What's more - you can email your lists other offers, AND once it's grown even more due to launching your own product, You will have TEN SITES ready to promote to all you list!"

If you think this could help you make quicker progress by removing yet another obstacle, We're ready to get you all set up with TEN Membership sites of your own.

The one final thing to note is the Special Pricing, (and you'll see WHY this is a P2S Member ONLY Special)

Remember that this sells for as much as $4997 and that does not include driving any traffic. With this deal we will set everything up for you and drive the traffic.

This is the ultimate 'Done For You' solution that can get you off to the best possible start.


After you place your order we will set up your websites and send you login info to the Accelerator program. Then we will ask you to perform a simple setup to personalise your websites that will take no more than 30 minutes. Don't worry, we will show you step by step what you need to do and give you any help you need.

Once this is done we will start driving traffic as fast as humanly possible. Under normal circumstances you can expect to be set up and getting traffic within hours, but please allow 24 hours once we have things set up.

Your website links will be rotated with 9 other Partnership to Success members links for a duration of 30 days minimum. Remember that I am sending 10 DIRECT broadcast promotions to over 200,000 subscribers. Plus 30 days of intense buyer traffic, autoresponder sequence traffic, plus a signature in all broadcast emails. This basically means you will receive a lot of traffic.

Strictly No Refunds.

Due to the nature of this offer refunds cannot be provided, after all we can't ask you to send us the traffic back, so please make sure you understand this before making your investment.