This Upgrade Offer Only Applies to Members
Who Have Been With us For 12 Months or More

If you are an active member who has been with us for less than 12 months you do not need to upgrade.
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Hi and welcome to this page where I'll be explaining this upgrade offer to you.

The fact that you're seeing this means you must have joined my coaching program MORE than a year ago.

Hopefully you took action and have had at least one if not more successful launches because of working with me and my team.

So what's next?

Well hopefully you've followed along and listened to the rinse and repeat aspect with more products created and launched, adding to your buyers list and daily affiliate sales coming in from email marketing to that list?

And guess what...

The main part of this offer is to continue helping you make more sales, create more products, build a bigger list and get on more leaderboards.

As the years of running my program pass - each year we find new techniques and tools that help us, and we discover new exciting ways of maximising the profit potential of each and every launch.

New levels of co-operation and advanced strategies are helping us all improve our businesses and online incomes, and I'm sure you too would like a piece of that pie 🙂

So for less than half of what you originally paid to take part in my program, I'd like to offer you the chance to join me for ongoing Business Building (So to speak).

This is for those who have already taken the course, but would like to stay up to date with what we've found to work best. With added extras that weren't available when you first joined....

Like our new Ongoing Launch Promotions, Meaning I'll continue to promote each and every launch you have.
Even if you have 6 launches a year!

So with all that said. I'd like to continue to offer my services to help you to continue to grow your business and income.


I wont be asking you to pay the 2-5000 dollars that you initially paid again.

In theory - you shouldn't need the training again 🙂

But I do have an offer for you.

AND - It will also get you access to the latest training available.

That's an added extra really...

So let's recap...

Upgrade and You Will Continue to Receive The Following

  • Ongoing Launch Promotions

    I will continue to help you launch every single product you create by mailing my entire subscriber database. Not only that, you will continue to receive all the launch support you have become accustomed to.

  • Ongoing Affiliate Promotions

    I WILL continue to let my best affiliates know about your launches, AND as you continue to grow as an affiliate I will even be able to get you an intro to my top performing affiliates.

  • Ongoing Evergreen Promotions

    I will continue to add every product that you create and launch as part of my program to my autoresponder sequence, meaning you will continue to make sales on a daily basis.  We’ll also be encouraging other members to add you to their autoresponder sequence too.

  • Ongoing Dedicated Support

    I will continue to offer the same dedicated support that you know you can rely on, not only from myself but from my whole team we will still be here to help as and when required.

  • Ongoing 1 on 1 Calls

    You will be able to continue to book calls with myself, or Randy for sales and marketing advice, or Simon with his superior technical knowledge.

  • Continued Access to John's Future Products

    I will continue to add  top level access to any additional products I create to the new members area.

  • Sell All of Johns Products as if They Were Your Own

    Partnership to Success members can now sell all of John’s products and keep 100% of all of the sales INCLUDING FUNNEL SALES.

  • The Ability to Generate $1000 Sales as an Ambassador

    Partnership to Success members can now receive $1000 payments as part of being a in the Partnership to Success program.

  • Hard Coded Leads Generating Sales For The Next 12 Months

    All leads you put into John’s sales funnels are hard coded and tracked for at least the next 12 months.

I've Been Teaching my Students How to
Become Successful Marketers Since 2008

Proof I Turn My Students Into Successful Marketers

I Can Bring The Heat to Your Future Launches

Partnership to Success Continues
to Provide Ongoing Success Stories

Omar Martin Now Has a SEVEN Figure Business...


Jon Bowtell Generated Over SIX Figures With His First Launch!


Trevor McHaffie Generated Over $50,000 in Seven Days!


Steven Alvey Now Has a SIX Figure Online Business!


Sue Worthington Has Generated over $25,000 in 10 Months!


Rob Corrigan Quit His Day Job After Joining Partnership!


Dave Weber Says 'I Guarantee You Will Not Regret it!'


Steve King Now Plays Golf Instead of Working 9-5!


Dan Sumner Now Has Multiple Successful Online Businesses!


Here's More Student Results

With my time becoming more and more limited, it was Randy that actually pointed out to me - Those of you who HAVE invested in growing your business seem to get more done, than those to whom we offer free advice and training.

So it makes far more sense for me to add this option.

For one - It stops me wasting my time on people who take No Action.

And Secondly - That then frees up more time to work with serious people who have invested in their own success and ARE taking action.

And FINALLY - Psychologists tell us, and it seems to be proven, that if YOU are paying for advice, you tend to listen better, act more, and the end result is you getting MORE done and Earning more from your online efforts.

So with that I'll invite you to join us on the NEXT Part of your exciting adventures in building your online business.

Upgrade Your Membership Now

  • Yes John, I want to keep working with you to continue to grow my online business
  • I already know the benefits of working with you so this is a complete no brainer for me
  • I know you will continue to get behind every product I launch and because of this the upgrade fees will be irrelevant
  • So on that basis I am going to upgrade my membership right now

New 5 Year Value Plan Added

To your continued success,