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Update - 23rd January 2020

I have just added some very detailed Solo Ad Training from a Solo Ad Expert. If you are interested in running any type of Solo Ads I recommend you go through this training before watching the videos below. You can view this training by clicking here.

Update - 2nd July 2019

If you wish to track links all you need to do is add '&tid=xxxxx' (where xxxxx is your tracking ID) to the end of your link and it is tracked by Clickbank.


This is perfect if you want to track the results from different locations and different solo ad sellers.

You can read documentation from ClickBank regarding tracking IDs here.

Update - 7th June 2019

The solution is to use your raw affiliate link when creating your message in Udimi. So don't use any form of redirects, just use your link as shown below and replace xxxxx with your ClickBank ID.

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Update - 6th June 2019

We have found a solution that the programmer is working on and we hope to have an update in the next 48 hours.

Update - 4th June 2019

We have now discovered that our set up is using too many redirects, we actually use one more than Udimi allow. The programmer is confident this can be fixed but it may take a few days. I will keep updating you via this page.

Update - 3rd June 2019

It appears that we have an issue with Clicks not getting delivered via our ClickBank Hoplinks when using Udimi. Please hold off sending any traffic via Udimi until I investigate and work out a solution. I will update this page when the issue is resolved.

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Resources Mentioned in This Video

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Resources Mentioned in This Video

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Resources Mentioned in This Video

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