Success Stories

Message from John
Please note! This page is still in development, I have literally hundreds of success stories I can share and I will keep adding more in due course.

The whole point of this page is to show you what is possible when you go through the Partnership to Success program.

If you have a story of your own you'd like to share on this page then please let me know via the support desk and I'll get it added for you.

Below you will find a range of success stories from people who have worked with John. Many of our members have become massively successful marketers with thriving online businesses, as a direct result of John's training, which you are now a part of.

So take some time to browse through this page to find out what's possible with the help of the Partnership to Success program and it's dedicated team.

Omar Martin

Omar joined one of my early coaching programs and has since gone on to become my most successful student. He has launched countless products and has generated millions of dollars in sales. Has a list of over 60,000 and generates 5 figures most weeks. This is the ultimate success story.

Shelley Penney

Shelley Penney

So it's 3 months since my very first product launch under the tutelage of John.

I am exactly 10 affiliate sales away from hitting the 500 sale mark on JVZoo just since December 19th when my launch ended.

I've deposited a little over $11,000 CAD in my bank account since in the first quarter of 2016 so far. I am SOOO grateful to P2S - literally changed my life.

Husband and I took our first vacation in 6 years last month and it is already paid off and not stuck on a credit card and costing me interest.

I feel like John has given me a license to print money! I know it's not 'big time' yet but it's pretty darn big to me, and I want all the new ones to know that John's training is the roadmap to your success.

Shelley Penney,

Sue Worthington

Sue Worthington

After joining John Sue quickly went on to establish herself as the queen of social media marketing. Since launching her first product she has since went on to have many more launches and has, with her son Daniel, created a very successful marketing business.

Tasleem Khan

Tasleem Khan

When John asked if I would like to do a testimonial for partnership to success I was honoured and I said YES! Straight away.

But going a testimonial for this program IS hard, why? Because I know whatever I say will never do it any justice it truly deserves. When I entered the program my life changed for the better!

Before it, I was struggling with all the technical know-how, planning and execution that held me back for years. I have been on John’s list for many, many years and watched on the sidelines, people like Omar Martin, Lee McIntyre start their business from the ground up and turn it in to a 7 figure business with John’s help. Yet I was still struggling to make 1K a month. In 2014 I had got so sick of watching and being on the sideline, I wanted in on the ACTION! So I took the plunge and signed up for the course, I have NEVER been given so much actionable content in digestible steps, never felt the struggles quickly disperse and success achievable.

Throughout the course John was ALWAYS available if I needed anything or I got stuck on anything, I could book a call at a time that was convenient for me and talk things over with John, or message him directly. The Facebook group is AMAZING, the support and extra added help from past members has been brilliant

I was able to produce my product Auction Profits Exposed from start to finish AND launch and did over $4K in sales in the first week. I would have NEVER been able without Partnership To Success.

When you follow the steps and take action you WILL be able to have the same success. John I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you created a program like this, that you care about EVERY SINGLE student who enters your program and give them success.
Tasleem Khan

Tasleem Khan,

Daniel Sumner

Daniel actually used to work next to John on the production line in the same car plant. John helped Daniel grow his business to 6 figures per year.

Brian Oliver

Brian was a typical wannabe Internet Marketer who was spending more than he was earning. After completing the program Brian now has a flourishing online business and a clear plan of attack.

Gareth Kentish

Gareth was having relative success on eBay and joined me to expand his business. I taught Gareth to teach the skills he had already acquired and Gareth's 'Money Generator' series was born. Since joining me Gareth has created numerous products that have generated $1000s in sales and he now has over 50,000 subscribers.

Jon Bowtell

Jon was a marketer who had already had success online but had never launched a product of his own. He had seen John launch product after product and after doing some research joined Partnership to Success. Within 3 months of joining Jon was launching his first product that generated over 6 figures in sales.