Your Most Common Questions Answered

What's The Best Way to Get Support? +

You should always try to use the helpdesk where possible as all tickets are logged and we have no deliverability issues. While I will always try to respond via email or other methods it can't be guaranteed. So please help us to help you by using the helpdesk.

You may also want to use the Facebook group for general questions, you will find you usually get a response within minutes from a more experienced member.

Does This Program Have to Take 52 Weeks to Complete? +

It certainly doesn't, if you want to progress faster let us know via support and we will fast track you through the program. Meaning you can get through the course and launch a product in no time at all. The record from absolute beginner to launching is held by Mialei Iske, it took her 56 days to launch her product.

What if I Fall Behind? +

We understand life can often get in the way and before you know it you have fallen behind, however with this course you can take a break and catch up at a later date, it's all totally up to you. If you do fall behind don't worry, just take over where you left off.

Do I Have to Use The Hosting Company You Recommend? +

It is okay to use a different hosting to the hosting company I recommend, the only time things may be an issue is if you ever need support. Because I have a direct line to D9 if we need support we can get it fast. They also understand how our business works and understand the importance of our site being online when we launch a product. Most hosts don't.

This is why this site, and almost all of my other sites are hosted with D9 Hosting.

D9 can transfer everything for you free of charge so I would certainly recommend it if you are not under any sort of contract.

Check Out D9's Hosting Packages Here

What Makes This Program Different From The Rest? +

Apart from this program having a proven track record that has produced hundreds of success stories. The main thing that makes this program stand out is the guaranteed promotion to my subscribers and affiliates. This is something you will struggle to find with any other program.

Creating a product of your own is one thing and there are hundreds of coaches who can help you do that, but hardly any of them will drive traffic for you.

What Can I do to Generate an Income While Working Through The Program? +

I get asked this one quite a lot and that's why we came up with the Ambassador Program. This puts you in a position to generate an income and build a list of your own from day one. You can find out more about the Ambassador Program here.

Do I Have to Use OptimizePress 2.0 to Build my Sites? +

I am often asked if an alternative page builder can be used instead of Optimizepress 2.0 (OP2)

Just like Hosting, you can use any page builder you like, but you must bear in mind the following:-

The Partnership to Success members area is built on OP2.
My Blog - OP2
All of my websites built in the last 3 years - OP2
My bonus pages - OP2
My squeeze pages - OP2
My sales pages - OP2

I could go on but I'm sure you get the picture.

You are free to use any platform you wish, but my training videos show me using OP2. Plus myself and my son Alex know OP2 very well as it's all we've used for the last 3 years, so we can usually help if any issues arise. If you use something else then I find it hard to give support.

Also, OP2 is a one time purchase and it can build everything you need, unlike some other platforms.

Plus you can also grab a great additional bonus from myself and Omar Martin if invest in OP2 via this link.

I'm Still Receiving Promotional Emails From You. How Can I Stop Them? +

If you follow the instructions on this page you should be fine.

However, you may still be receiving promotions from a couple of my other self hosted autoresponders. If you do simply unsubscribe from these lists.

Unless of course you want to watch what I'm promoting.

What if I Have More Questions? +

No problem, we are here to help. Please submit any additional questions here on our helpdesk.